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According to Smith’s Exotic Botany of 1805, “The more refined admirers of Nature” rate Astrantia among their favorite blossoms. The flowers resemble tiny enchanting fireworks: a starburst of bracts surround the spray of small blooms and splashy groups of buds shoot out from branched stems like the finale on the 4th of July. If a natural look is what you’re after, plant Masterworts near a lightly shaded patio or path where you can enjoy their detail. This is an ideal cut flower, fresh or dried.

British Astrantia purveyor Gill Richardson embarked on a quest to breed a red-hued version of Astrantia ‘Shaggy’ and later introduced ‘Burgundy Manor’ as the prized outcome. Pronounced, long-lasting, crimson-tipped bracts embellish the sumptuous, petite port-colored flowers festooning domed heads. All this starry-eyed floral splendor is presented upon impressive vibrant green mounds of lithe, slightly curved stems plus attractive palmate foliage that’s long-petioled and deeply lobed.

Blooms JuneľAugust

Size: 2' 0" – 2-1/3' high x 18" – 2' 0" wide.

Hardy to zone 5.

<i>Astrantia major</i> ‘Buckland’

For its robust stature and endless supply of light-hued, good-sized blooms, this Astrantia major and Astrantia maxima hybrid earns its keep in our garden. Each pearl-green ruff houses an airy, dusky-pink pincushion that brims with intrigue and soothing shades. ‘Buckland’s nearly 6 month long floral show tempts bees, butterflies and gardeners, while cresting stout branched stems and tight-set 5-lobed, verdant toothed leaves.

Blooms mid-JuneľOctober

Size: 2' 0" high x 18" wide.

Hardy to zone 5.

<i>Astrantia major</i> ‘Canneman’

Slender yet hearty, the long erect stems host bouquets of intricate dome-like flowers tended by upturned bracts in soft pale pink shades. The large, captivating blossoms complement lush, palmately-lobed basal foliage. Named for a Dutch gardener, this vigorous Astrantia imparts a sophisticated flair to any garden setting that’s laced with light.

Blooms mid-JuneľSeptember

Size: 2-1/2' high x 2-1/2' wide.

Hardy to zone 5.

<i>Astrantia major</i> ‘Claret’

A dark drama is played out when ‘Claret’ is cast in a supporting role at the shady edge of the garden border. Dark red “pincushions” neatly cupped in bracts, and nearly black stems have an air of mystery as they rise from the luxuriant palm-shaped foliage. With long lasting flowers, ‘Claret’ is like a fine wine—something you want to always have on hand.

Blooms mid-June–September.

Size: 22" high x 15" wide.

Hardy to zone 5.

<i>Astrantia major</i> ‘Hadspen Blood’

Esteemed for the glorious borders she created at Hadspen House, Nori Pope introduced this sought-after richly hued beauty. ‘Hadspen Blood’ is considered one of the darkest red cultivars, flaunting intricately detailed deep carmine flowers that shine like rubies over large, lustrous palmate leaves. Stage near Persicaria ‘Red Dragon’ and savor the lavish union.

Blooms mid JuneľSeptember

Size: 2' 0" high x 18" wide.

Hardy to zone 5.

<i>Astrantia major</i> ‘Lars’

Celebrating bright and cheerful colors, crowns of maroon bracts deliver gorgeous cherry-red floral mounds with lighter pink centers. The blooms loll high above broad, deep green lobed leaves on slender stems. This energetic Danish cultivar looks a bit like an overly exuberant Italian Flat Parsley and makes an unparalleled up-front cottage-style filler that is easy to care for.

Blooms mid-JuneľSeptember

Size: 2' 0" – 2-1/4' high x 18" wide.

Hardy to zone 5.

<i>Astrantia major</i> ‘Madeleine Van Bennekom’

Copious, extralarge domed white umbels plus spiky niveous collars with green-tipped bracts become a study in refinement, poised on ‘Madeleine van Bennekom’s stand of sprightly branched stems and openly set deep green foliage. Ideally planted on the woodland’s fringe, this enduring well-groomed beauty imparts illuminated floral allure to neighbors such as Leycesteria ‘Golden Lanterns’ and Deschampsia flexuosa.

Blooms JuneľAugust

Size: 18" – 2' 0" high x 15" – 18" wide.

Hardy to zone 5.

Distinguished by its uniquely colored blooms and valiant upright silhouette, this spectacular new cultivar debuts large, rounded sprays of petite, purple-infused burgundy flowers resting upon showy silver and crimson-hued bracts. Shiny, toothed palmate dark greenery elevates the bountiful floral display that unfolds from spring ’til October and makes a gorgeous full-toned match for Rodgersia ‘Bronze Form’ and Geranium ‘Anne Thomson’.

Blooms June–September

Size: 2' 0" high x 18" – 2' 0" wide.

Hardy to zone 5.

Touted as one of the longest flowering of all Astrantias, ‘Pink Pride’ will impress you with large pleasantly pink pin-cushion-like blooms. Green and rose-blushed bracts cradle the rococo flowers above a medium green foil of chiseled lusty green leaves and upright steadfast stems. Lovely in a swath along a partially shaded path, it makes a compelling companion for other extraordinary beauties such as Rodgersia ‘Braunlaub’ or Tricyrtis lasiocarpa

Blooms mid-June–early October.

Size: 2' 0" high x 18" – 2' 0" wide.

Hardy to zone 5.

<i>Astrantia major</i> ‘Roma’

Evoking antique lace, pincushionesque rosy-red flowers are cozied within a decorative silver-hued rosette of pointy bracts. Slim branching stems plus handsome, loosely arranged deep green foliage compose the durable coddle-free clump. A stylish contender for bright shady areas, ‘Roma’s artful blooms heighten mixed plantings under trees, along water’s edge or in a border. (pp#11,470)

Blooms JuneľAugust

Size: 18" – 2' 0" high x 18" wide.

Hardy to zone 5.

Among the reddest of all Astrantias, this plushly hued Masterwort originated in Mrs. Phyllis Barwood’s Oxfordshire garden and pays tribute to her 40th or ‘ruby’ anniversary. Glamorous, corsage-like ruby-red flowers are brightened by alabaster-hued bases above parsleyesque rich green leaves that garb steadfast maroon stems with apple-green highlights. Equally at ease in a contemporary garden or a more relaxed setting, ‘Ruby Wedding’ can be added to cottage gardens, formal mixed borders and even cut arrangements.

Blooms mid-JuneľSeptember

Size: 2' 0" – 2-1/2' high x 18" wide.

Hardy to zone 5.

<i>Astrantia major</i> ssp. <i>involucrata</i> ‘Shaggy’

“Outstandingly strong and bold,” is how the late British garden writer Christopher Lloyd referred to this ornate gem. Especially long, soft-looking white bracts that are fringed with green, cradle the delicate, frosty pale pink corsages and gain ‘Shaggy’ its name. Planted en masse and superimposed against Actaea ‘Brunette’, the sturdy striated stems and deeply lobed spring green leaves project a verdurous mood.

Blooms JuneľAugust

Size: 2-1/2' high x 2' 0" wide.

Hardy to zone 5.

A temptress to pollinators and florists, the galaxy of luminous, domed umbels showcases white florets subtended by fancy ruffs with papery, green-tipped white bracts. Staunch upright stems yield orderly green leaves, which are palmately hewn into mostly, 5 toothed lobes beneath the long-lasting frosty display. Touting larger flowers than ‘Shaggy’, this stellar 2002 Aad Geerlings introduction can be ensconced amid Geranium ‘Birch Lilac’, Campanula ‘Prichard’s Variety’ and Salvia ‘Sweet Anja’.

Blooms mid JuneľSeptember

Size: 2' 0" – 2-1/2' high x 15" – 18" wide.

Hardy to zone 5.

<i>Astrantia major</i> ‘White Giant’

Slightly reminiscent of a sophisticated Queen Ann’s Lace, large mounded greenish white flowers reside atop a firm spidery ruff of green-tinged white bracts, while riding wiry stems and toothed, palmately cut dark green leaves. Coveted by butterflies, floral designers and horticulturists, ‘White Giant’ emphasizes long-lasting blooms with mesmerizing detail and a lovely enduring presence that can be sprinkled amongst Sesleria ‘Greenlee’, Geranium ‘Orion’ and Aster ‘October Skies’ for natural panache.

Blooms mid-JuneľSeptember

Size: 2' 0" – 2-1/4' high x 12" – 15" wide.

Hardy to zone 5.

<i>Astrantia major</i> ‘Moulin Rouge’

Resembling an elaborate centerpiece, mounded flower heads, backed in pale green and tipped in burgundy, make a glittery appearance on stiff, pointed inky-maroon bracts . This darkly colored base is unique and sets ‘Moulin Rouge’ apart from other Astrantia cultivars. Strong supple stems and glossy, deep cut greenery give way to the opulent pageant of large, long-blooming inflorescences that cast their beguiling spell upon the garden (pp#16549)

Blooms JuneľAugust

Size: 18" high x 18" wide.

Hardy to zone 4.

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