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Penstemon ‘Gilchrist’
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Beard Tongue

Among the most exuberantly blooming plants this side of the Mississippi, Penstemon is part of the enchantment of the West. A member of the Snapdragon family, even cultivated varieties retain a natural air, with dainty, long trumpet flowers and five (pent) prominent stamens.

Sturdy and easily grown, species vary from 1 to 5 ft. tall, and range in color from white to pink to purple to deep wine redone for every sunny spot. Trim after the first bloom to encourage a repeat flowering, and cut to the crown in winter for bushy growth next season.

Penstemon ‘Gilchrist’ full sun

'Gilchrist's bright rosy pink trumpets burst forth in abundance, numbering some 18 to 25 per stem. Soft pink lips plus light nearly white throats with winetinted striations distinguish the splendid long blooming somewhat diminutive flowers, while a glossy finish energizes the compact shapely foundation of trim narrow green leaves. For a winning summer-fest, this undemanding floriferous Penstemon can accompany Salvia 'Twilight Serenade' and Sidalcea 'Elsie Heugh'.

Size: 2' 0" high x 2-1/2' wide; hardy to zone 7.

Penstemon ‘Gilchrist’ (P-1811)
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