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Salvia confertiflora
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Salvia confertiflora


<i>Salvia confertiflora</i>
Salvia confertiflora



Thought in ancient times to perpetuate good health, an Arab proverb asks, “How shall a man die with sage in his garden?” Our Salvias are diverse perennials, shrubs or subshrubs. Many of them hail from the Mediterranean, Mexico and South America.

Drought tolerant, reliable once established, and generally pest and disease free, they combine an array of flowers and aromatic foliage in many different sizes, shapes, and hues.

Salvia confertiflora full sun

With velvety, reddish purple stems, smooth, bright green new foliage that matures to a textured dark green, and fuzzy vermilion &#64258;owers, this Brazilian native is lush and tantalizing. A wonderful addition to cut arrangements, the 6 to 10 in. long &#64258;ower spikes make a bold statement in the fall border, either amid Asters and grasses or combined with mounding perennials.

Size: 5' 0" high x 3' 0" wide; hardy to zone 9.

Salvia confertiflora (P-0214)
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