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Digging Dog Nursery

a retail and mail order plant nursery specializing in unusual and hard to find perennials, ornamental grasses, shrubs, trees, and vines.

31101 Middle Ridge Rd.
Albion, CA 95410

(707) 937-1130
(707) 937-2480

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Wednesday–Saturday: 10am–4pm

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Staff's Favorite Plant & Garden Vignettes

Our featured plant: Echinacea purpurea 'White Swan'

Noteworthy American natives and nativars, Exceptional Echinaceas!

Exceptional Echinaceas.... Favored by beginning and experienced gardeners alike for their colorful display of bold daisy-like cut flowers and easy-to-grow, nearly indestructible habits, Echinacea's are native mostly to the eastern and central U.S. Atop sturdy stems and dark green lanceolate foliage, the hefty summer blooming flower heads feature prominent raised central cones. Echinaceas are the perfect choice for a sunny well-drained perennial border, meadow garden, habitat planting or as an addition to a cut arrangement, either fresh or dried. Be sure to check out our other on-line selections!

Notable American natives and Nativars… Some of you might be wondering about the new horticultural term “nativar”, which was recently coined by celebrated plantsman Dr. Allan Armitage, an author and horticulture professor at the University of Georgia. Nativar refers to both deliberately cultivated selections and naturally occuring variations of native plants. The naturally occuring varieties are either discovered in the wild or perhaps spotted growing in someone’s landscape. Many ecologists suggest choosing nativars whose characteristics do not widely diverge from their native kin. For example, some recent studies indicate that pollinators generally prefer single flowers rather than the double-petaled cultivars. We’re featuring a selection of natives and nativars that will enthrall garden mavens, pollinators and songbirds.

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