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Digging Dog Nursery offers quality mail-order plants. We specialize in perennials, shrubs, trees and vines. Our mail-order plant catalog has a varied selection of unusual and hard to find perennials, shrubs, trees and vines.

We guarantee that our stock is healthy and ready to plant. It's our responsibility to give each order personal attention, packing the plants with the utmost care to ensure their healthy arrival.

We ship large, well established plants which are grown in the following containers:

Perennials: mostly Large Band, some Medium Band, Squat Band or Quart

Grasses: Large Band or Quart

Callunas & Ericas: Medium Band, Large Band or Quart

Shrubs: Large Band

Trees: Large Band or Deep Large Band

Listed below, you'll find the dimensions of the various containers our plants are grown in:

Medium Band: 2 -1/4" square x 5 -1/2" deep

Squat Band: 3 -1/2" square x 4 -1/2" deep

Large Band: 4 square x 6 deep

Quart: 5 -1/2" square x 6 deep

Deep Large Band: 3 square x 9 deep

Occasionally, plants will be available in liners (2-1/4 square x 3-1/4 deep) and will be discounted $1.00-$1.50 off the regular price.

Digging Dog plants are removed from their containers, and their firm intact rootballs are placed inside plastic bags prior to shipping.


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