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All of us here at the nursery, including our clambering kitty and digging dogs wish you joyous merrymaking this holiday season with family and friends. While your garden fall into its winter slumber, may visions of a new gardening season take root in your dreams, and happy digging to all!

Left: Pieris japonica ‘Little Heath’ Center: Correa ‘Dusky Bells’Right: Primula capitata ssp. mooreana

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Customer Comment:

“I held my breath and opened the box (after a long delay in opening the delivered plants, due to catastrophic flooding), dug down through the damp paper shreds and found all the plants alive!!!! I'm so relieved. I had to write and thank you for the hardiness of the plants, and for packing them so carefully.... Thank you, Digging Dog. I'll be back.”

~Jane in New Hampshire

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Digging Dog Nursery

a retail and mail order plant nursery specializing in unusual and hard to find perennials, ornamental grasses, shrubs, trees, and vines.

31101 Middle Ridge Rd.
Albion, CA 95410

(707) 937-1130
(707) 937-2480

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Winter Hours:

Tues 10 am – 4 pm
Wed. 10:30 am – 4 pm
Thu. 12 pm – 4 pm
Fri. & Sat. 10:30 am – 4 pm

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Garth Hagerman

We are a small family-run business, alstroemeria kittygrowing high quality plants that you can count on to be healthy, vigorous and ready to plant. As landscape designers and nursery-folk, we offer a selection of tried and true garden performers, as well as many new varieties that excel for easy care, long blooming periods, year-round interest, and most of all, for versatility.

When you visit or call us, chances are you will be greeted by one or more of these friendly and conscientious folks:

  • Neptune, Maya & Boobah : Welcoming Committee, General Security & Entertainment
  • Lynn Chrysler: Propagation Specialist & Shipping & Packing Manager
  • Debbie Cruz: Mail Order Prepping
  • Jessica Alexis Friedland: Photography
  • Zak Karkruff: Mail Order Overseer, Nursery Care, Potting & Propagation Specialist
  • Marie Keller: Social Media, Advertising & Publicity
  • Katie Mimms: Mail Order Prepping, General Nursery Care, Potting
  • Clause, Parker & Olivia: Mouse patrol

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Zoë Whigham

To Old And New Friends Of Digging Dog Nursery:

Welcome and welcome back!

Each season passes, distinguished by leafless branches and swelling buds, rampant growth, flowery fetes then blazing leaves, drawing this year closer to its end. On the brink of a fresh beginning, we invite you to dig into our hot-off-the-press Digging Dog catalog and envision the rousing arrival of next spring. Pour a beverage, find a cozy spot and wander through our 25th edition, where you'll find nearly 90 new selections, coupled with many beloved “golden oldies”.

The eclectic treasure-trove of our exceptional offerings is steeped in potential for varied locales, microclimates and cultural conditions throughout the country. We guarantee our plants will vitalize your senses, fuel your gusto for gardeningŠor at the least, transform a lackluster bed. We've highlighted some of our favorites below.

Championed by beneficial pollinators and plant enthusiasts, undemanding American perennial beauties include Vernonia ‘White Lightening’ plus Deam's Black-Eyed Susan, an ebullient yellow queen that wields late season flowers, while sweet-smelling Phlox ‘London Grove Blue’ and the silver-pink plumes of tenacious Geum triflorum both share smaller winsome profiles. Nestle Blue Dragon Terrestrial Orchids or Primula ‘Elizabeth Killelay’ into intimate garden nooks to enjoy their intricate floral elegance.

Stunning steadfast U.S. denizens can also be found amongst the ornamental grasses. Eragrostis spectabilis as well as Sporobolus ‘Tara’ premier exquisite fine-hewn inflorescences and Schizachyrium ‘Jazz’ orchestrates fleecy pewter-hued seed heads atop steel blue blades. Indigenous to haunts farther abroad, Carex ‘Silver Sceptre’ and Hakonechloa ‘Sunny Delight’ spotlight stylish arching blades.

Showcasing horticultural panache, Corylopsis ‘Aurea’, Variegated Five-Fingered Aralia and Hydrangea aspera Villosa Group—all furnish welcome structure and merit a prominent position. If you're looking for something diminutive but with an equally marvelous visage, consider Magnolia ‘Free Spirit’ or Daphne genkwa.

Trees establish a grand sense of permanence. Try debuting rarely cultivated Tetracentron sinense for a graceful addition to a lawn or patio area. Perhaps you're considering a vertical element, a vine to clamber skyward. There's regal Clematis ‘Gipsy Queen’ who has enjoyed over 100 years of fame, Clematis ‘Ascotiensis’s metallic blue-mauve luster or well-mannered Wisteria ‘Aunt Maude’, draping her floral charm on upright supports.

Touting numerous physical and psychological benefits, recent studies have been published on the importance of experiencing awe. Luckily, us gardeners have the opportunity to do so on a daily basis! That said, we continue to be amazed and inspired by the plants we grow and hope you relish their myriad possibilities as much as we do.

We sincerely value each and every one of you, our much appreciated customers, and extend many thank-yous for your loyal patronage. Your continuing feedback, helpful suggestions and kind compliments make us feel very grateful.

All of the nursery staff—as well as the notorious Digging Doggies, Maya, Neptune and Boobah plus the feline brigade, Clause, Olivia and Parquette—wish you countless afternoons digging or simply lounging in your own leafy haven.

From our greenhouses to your front door, may our plants lure you outside more often and truly delight you for years to come!

deborah whigham and gary ratway

Owners, Deborah Whigham & Gary Ratway

Digging Dog in the News!

favorite plants mendocino coast

From from the Fort Bragg Advocate News and Mendocino Beacon, March 20, 2014

Kristin, a prominent garden blogger, tours the nursery and brings her camera: “Digging Dog Nursery” in Garden Lust; One designer's musings, longings, and observations about all things garden, style, plant, and good. September 24, 2011

Another photo tour by a gardener/blogger: “Digging Dog Nursery — Worth a Visit!” by Donna of TheRadishPatch.com. August 5, 2013.

The nursery and surrounding gardens are featured in this eight page article: “American Dream” by Kate Frey in Gardens Illustrated, July, 2009

A photo-tour of the nursery grounds by photographer Karl Gercens: “Digging Dog Nursery”

The cover of Martha Stewart Living, March 2006
"Paths to Greatness," by Susan Heeger, photographs by Marion Brenner, pages 139-147, Martha Stewart Living, March 2006

"15 Years of the Best Gardening Sources"
~Martha Stewart Living

"Secret Garden: At Digging Dog Nursery on the Mendocino Coast, there's much more than what first meets the eye," by Meg McConahey, June 17, 2006, Santa Rosa Press Democrat

"Digging Dog Nursery unearths unusual plants," by Miriam Owen, San Francisco Chronicle, September 9, 2006
"Digging Dog Nursery, a rare jewel, with a fully conceived landscape...features a wide variety of plants from all over the world..."

"Digging Dog Nursery in Mendocino," Petaluma's BlogTown USA: Sue Wilcox, Petaluma Argus Courier, September 28, 2006
(great photos of the Digging Dog gardens; a detailed discussion of Wilcox's visit to Digging Dog, and info about Gary's garden design and Deborah's unusual selection of plants)
"If you're the sort of person who likes out of the ordinary plants, the garden path less traveled leads through this nursery."  ~Sue Wilcox

Fine Gardening Magazine's September-October 2006 issue lists Digging Dog Nursery as one of its 8 favorite destinations for plant shopping. Fine Gardening, Garden Variety, page 18, Sept.-Oct. '06.

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Business policies


  • We guarantee that our plants are correctly named, in excellent condition, healthy and ready to plant, when they're packed for shipping. Your plants are packed with the utmost care to ensure their healthy and safe arrival.
  • If you have concerns about a particular plant, please notify us as soon as you unpack your order, do not throw the plant away, and forward a photo of the plant in question to email digging dog within 7 days. Reimbursement cannot be processed without a digital image.
  • In all fairness, we cannot be held responsible for the failure of your plants once you have installed them. Too many cultural and climatic factors, which we simply cannot control, such as: soil preparation and fertility; pests; irrigation; light exposure; and erratic weather all have an impact on your plants.
  • We cannot be held liable for any amount greater than the purchase price of the plant in question.
  • Shipping and handling charges are non-refundable.

Please fill out our
Registration Form to receive news of updates to the web site and availability of new plants, to give us your feedback, and to be on the mailing list
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